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“When he gave up [Pink Floyd] he took up painting again for a bit, but he never enjoyed it. He didn’t really have a sense of direction. He used to lie in bed every morning, and I would get this feeling like the wall between our rooms didn’t quite exist, because I’d know that Syd was lying in bed thinking, ‘What do I do today? Shall I get out of bed? If I get out of bed, I can do this, and I can do that - or I can do that, or I could do that.’ He had the world at his feet, all the possibilities, and he just couldn’t choose. He had great problems committing himself to any action. As for committing himself to doing anything for any length of time - he was the kind of person who’d change in the middle. He’d set off, lose his motivation, and start questioning what he was doing - which might just be walking down the street.”
— Duggie Fields on Syd Barrett 
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“You think you’re free? I’m free! You don’t know what freedom is! I’m free. I can breathe. And you… will choke on your average fuckin’ mediocre life!”
Girl, Interrupted (1999) dir. James Mangold
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